Cafe Sparks is held on the 4th Sunday morning at 10am. We provide Croissants, Coffee and Pastries. There are activities for the children at tables, often including Knex, Playdough, Colouring etc. so all the family can sit together and be part of the session. Each month Café Church is has been led by one of our CC teams. We have discussed relevant topics, watched thought provoking DVD clips, listened to what others have had to say and then our team leader has brought it all to a conclusion around 11:15am leaving us with something to take home and think about!

Cafe Sparks is very relaxed and it’s a great time to come for the first time to Encounter Church and especially good if you have questions or you’re not really sure about God. Everyone is welcome!

Cafe Sparks is usually on the 4th Sunday of each month with the exception of Easter and Christmas Sundays if they fall on this date. Our next Cafe Sparks is on Sunday 28th October.Cafe_SPARKS_fireworks