Come an join us for a day exploring Roads to Recovery


10:00   Welcome

10:05   Simon Price (Independence Trust)

10:25   (Seminar 1) Local Medical Practitioner (tbc)

10:40   Questions to panel

10:55   Coffee, Cake and Break

11:10   (Seminar 2) Andy Brown Christians Against Poverty

11:20   Q&A CAP Poverty/Mental Health

11:35   (Seminar 2 part 2) Rhian Morgan Foodbank

11:45   Q&A Foodbank

11:55   (Seminar 3) Andrew Wood Six Ways to Wellbeing

12:15   Q&A Andrew

12:25   Lunch (30 mins)

12:55   (Seminar 4) Recovery – Keith Coupeland (Retired Consultant)

13:15   Q&A

13:25   Dr Heather Niman video

13:30   Mindfulness Focus – Andrew Wood Guided Meditation

13:45   Finish


(Available 1st November 2018)


For those of you that missed our event “Breaking Down Mental Health Barriers” on Saturday the 9th of June, we recorded some of the talks for your convenience. There is a brief description of each speaker

1. Professor Jane Melton (NHS) and Dan Bealecocks

First Speaker – Jane Melton, Director of Engagement and Integration at 2gether Trust along with Dan Beale–Cocks co-chair of the Tackling Stigma Together campaign. Dan tells his own story of mental health and how he has lived and overcome this stigma.

2. Simon Price (Independence Trust)

Second Speaker – Simon Price, Peer Development manager for Independence Trust and has lived experience as well as having worked for MIND for many years in the Midlands.

3. Patrick Regan (O.B.E) (Kintsugi Hope)

Third Speaker – Patrick Regan OBE, Kintsugi Hope. Kintsugi Hope exists to create safe and supportive spaces for people suffering with mental and emotional health challenges. Patrick also hosted a workshop, which can be found below:

Patrick was the Keynote Speaker and also joined for the church service on the Sunday the 10th of June.

Wellbeing Gloucestershire will be hosting more events in the future and we will keep you up to date.