Burns Night Supper Saturday 28th January 2017

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Ode to a Haggis… A Wee Dram… Haggis, Neeps and Tatties… Great Scottish Music and beautiful scenes of Scotland… Entertainment by the McKnightleys, McEarl, McRoger & Friends and some McDancing time!

62 guests joined us and it was good to welcome friends and neighbours to this event. We’ve been told that a great time was had by all!

A Taste of Courage Film Event Saturday 11th February 

courageous_movie_premierA fantastic film night and some delicious South African cuisine including Boerewors Rolls (Beef sausage) prepared by our very own South Africans. We showed the film Courageous. It was a great film and we can recommend it to all. If you watched The Prayer Room with us last year you will love this one by the same directors. It has a Christian focus but it has a universal appeal with shoot outs, car chases, humour and tragedy.


RUGBY SOCIAL  – SIX NATIONS – Saturday 18th March

– 2 matches from 2:15pm to 8pmrugby-673453_640Six Nations Rugby Screening (18-Mar-2017) · ChurchApp Events-1
Six Nations Rugby creates loads of excitement and the need to eat great food. Encounter hosted the Rugby on the on the BIG SCREEN (It is always better on the big screen!), with great burgers, bacon butties and snacks available.




Patrick Regan WFGS_v1patrick-reganWhat an inspiring evening we had when we hosted an evening with Patrick Regan on Monday 20th March as part of the “When Faith Gets Shaken” book tour.  Andy Flanagan (singer/songwriter) also spoke to us powerfully through his songs which had been written from places where he struggled to cope with what he saw happening around him.

You can watch the tour trailer here.

If you want to know more about the stories in Patrick’s book then you can buy it through various booksellers including Amazon.

What do you do when life falls apart and it feels as though God has left you? How do you keep going when your faith has been rocked to the core? We all go through painful times but sometimes things get so hard we’re not sure where God is or what he’s up to.

For Patrick there was pain, illness and loss in his family and community. Then he faced a series of excruciating operations that took him to the brink physically, emotionally and spiritually. Writing during his journey of recovery, Patrick takes an honest look at how we find God in these times of suffering. He wrestles with how we can know God’s peace when life is anything but peaceful, what the true nature of courage is, how we allow ourselves the grace to rest when we’re running on empty, and how we can stay fully present in the moment – all so we can ultimately grasp the love of God at a deeper level.

Listen to a recent interview with Patrick on BBC local radio about his book tour


 CTW_EL_page_1EASTER SUNDAY MORNING was a special time when we thanked God for sending Jesus to die for us on the cross.

We had our own cross at the front of the church an we each stuck our figures or photos of us with a note on the reverse which said we were sorry for something we had done or said. Then we attached a large silhouette of Jesus on the cross to the pictures and notes and onto this we put lots of red hearts and messages thanking God for what Jesus did for us when he took our sin and died on that cross.



Encounter Movie Nights

We have regular movie nights at Encounter church on our big screen. Due to licensing laws we are not always allowed to name the film but if you would like to be kept up to date with what films we’re showing then please send us an email though our “Contact Us” page.

You can see some of our previous films by clicking here