Unfortunately we’ve been having a problem with recording our Sunday Talks. We’re working hard to get this sorted. Our current series is based on 1 Thessalonians called ‘Survive or Thrive’ and if you would like a copy of these notes then please let us know and we’ll send them out to you.

We are asking the questions:

  • What is our attitude to our faith – are we in survival mode or thrive mode?
  • Do we feel we have anything to offer the community around us?
  • Are we proud of the Church?
  • What is it that stops us inviting others to Church?
  • How it is possible even in a hostile or indifferent environment to see the Church punching well above its weight and thriving

We are going to break the series down into 6 sessions and these are based on an outline provided by LICC and on commentary by John Stott, Tom Wright and others

The six themes are:

  • Mission – passing it on – looking at the difference the gospel makes in our lives and what the implications of that should be in in our everyday connections in the world – turning serving and waiting
  • Imitation – pleasing God – being the people and the Church that God wants for us here and now
  • Relationships – longing to share – how we can and should support each other in our faith journey and the commitment required to long-term relationships – honesty, integrity and love
  • Holiness – living it out – what is holiness and how it impacts on our communities – this is not about withdrawal from the world but about engagement in a different way – loving God and loving our neighbour
  • Hope – waiting with confidence – reflections on the future and how to live with the “certain hope” that Paul talks about elsewhere – nowhere more powerful than in how we grieve
  • Community – walking with others – the counter-cultural, radical, open and welcoming nature of the church family and its impact on the wider community – the importance of a culture that stands out from the world around