Today is an important day in the life of our church.  Since Monday we have been having concentrated times of prayer together and today is the first of three 8/8 Prayer Days over the next 3 months.

We are focussing on four things:

  • Looking INWARDS (the people who make up our ‘gathered church’ and their spiritual growth and their personal situations – family relationships that need healing, marriages that need strengthening, health that needs God’s healing touch)
  • Looking OUTWARDS (focussing on the community around us, our toddler groups, our Sparks family events, partnerships with other local organisations and being the ‘scattered church’, i.e. taking Jesus with us into every 24/7 situation we face)
  • Looking BACKWARDS (thanking God for his faithfulness to the church here over many years; remembering specific words and pictures God has spoken over Encounter church)
  • Looking FORWARDS (identifying our Mission, Vision, Leadership and Strategy going forwards)

These are exciting times!  We are meeting from 8am in the Green Room in No 9 Gretton Road (our church house) for hourly slots of prayer throughout the day.  At 7pm we will move across to the church for a corporate time of prayer and reflection on the day.