TALKING PINTSTalking Pints on the last Friday of each month at The Rising Sun on Cleeve Hill

Something for the men….. Whilst the WOW ladies are Friday Fizzing the men have an alternative…..

Talking Pints is a monthly meeting of men in a local pub who will get together at the end of a long week and try to put the world right. As yet it hasn’t happened but we intend to keep trying! We will discuss a relevant topic each time we meet.

Nothing heavy, no praying out loud in the corner, no singing, just a good old chunter. And who knows, in the midst of it all, we might get a glimpse of God and start to turn the world back up the right way.

Talking Pints is a great place to invite your friends to…… nothing “churchy” about it – just getting to know other men in a relaxed atmosphere.

You can join our Facebook group here… or contact us for details of the next meeting…..


Extreme men will start featuring events for men who want a little adventure.