Our Mission – what we exist for

Creating a Church for everyone where people can belong before they believe and encounter God for themselves

We aim to create a unique kind of church where people of all ages and from all walks of life can encounter God, finding freedom from the past, purpose for the present and hope for the future

We aim to be an authentic Christian community that will welcome everyone – no pre-conditions – no special requirements – believing that everyone is of value to God whether they know Him or not – everyone can belong whether they believe or not

Our Vision – what it will look like

A community of communities connected by common values, seeking, serving and loving God and others where they are

We aim to demonstrate our faith by the way we live and by serving our communities, bringing love and support to all without conditions. We will become a point of call to provide help and support, sharing God’s love and giving real hope to those in need

We aim to see small life (support) groups growing around our area, linked to the Church and existing to strengthen community and support strong families and vibrant community life

Our Enablers – what will make this happen
We will focus our resources and activity on three main areas:

  • Connecting – caring for and being involved in our community – sharing what we have with others – supporting those in need and working with others to make our community safer, inclusive and prosperous for everyone
  • Encountering – providing opportunities for everyone to encounter God for themselves in their own way and at their own pace
  • Growing – supporting each other on our journey of faith by listening, sharing and learning together


Our Church is not driven by programmes or strategies but everything we do and what we say must be shaped by our core values which are:

People Matter

People are important to God; therefore, they are important to us. Church is people not buildings or organisations – we are church when we meet together (gathered church) and in our everyday lives (scattered church).

We value diversity and welcome everyone – no pre-conditions – no special requirements – it is OK to belong with us before you believe

We are all a work in progress! We accept people as they are – we will be encouraging, compassionate and loving – we are not about judging or criticising each other. Jesus called this the second commandment.

Relationships Matter

Our faith is about relationships not religion. We are designed to be in personal relationship with God, with each other and with the world around us.

Relationships within the church community should be based on a belief in the value of everyone, built on openness, honesty and personal integrity – sharing the highs and lows of our journey together.

We are meant to love and support each other whatever – in this Church it is OK to have problems, feel down, make mistakes, and equally OK to be doing well and feeling good – that is real life!

God is generous so we must be marked out as a generous people with servant hearts – willing to give sacrificially of what we have and what we are to those in need – whatever it costs.

Communities Matter

Church is community – God’s model society. We are a community for the community – blessed by God to be a blessing to others where we are.

The Church exists to serve the community not ourselves. We will equip our people and manage our resources to reach out to those outside the Church.

We care about our community and will work with others to improve the quality of life for everyone and see our community become safe, inclusive and just.

OUR BELIEFS – what makes us do it

As a member of the Evangelical Alliance we subscribe to the EA Basis of Faith which can be accessed at http://www.eauk.org/connect/about-us/basis-of-faith.cfm