Born out of a passion to create a unique kind of church where people of all ages and from all walks of life encounter God, finding freedom from the past, purpose for the present and hope for the future, Encounter Church (formerly C3 Winchcombe), was launched in September 2013.

Encounter Church is a delightfully diverse group of people united by our passion for Jesus. He means everything to us. Our faith is not primarily a religion, something we do, but a relationship with a God who loves us as a Father loves His children. We’ve found that it’s as we receive His love that we are freed to become the kind of people we’ve always wanted to be.

We are a vibrant all-age, contemporary, family friendly, independent church which seeks to share God’s love to our community. We are affiliated to the New Wine network of churches and share a belief in the relevance of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in personal and church life. Led by a Lead Pastor and a leadership team, we actively encourage our members to serve God within the areas he has called them to in their daily lives.

As an independent rural church on the northern edge of the Cotswolds we sometimes wonder whether we can really be a local church that has ambitions to change nations. We’re part of the New Wine network and it has inspired us to believe we can be a life-transforming, community-building, nation-changing group of God’s people wherever we are.