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“Compassion Before Correction”

by Fernley Hext

Continuing our “Changing Culture” series. Here are the bullet point notes from our talk yesterday on Sunday 29th January if you missed it or want to follow up on anything that was said. Our second look at this important topic of Compassion – first one in December We saw last time that compassion can be learned […]

Surprised by God

by admin

I was at breaking point at the end of October. I had worked too many seven day weeks and was exhausted. Also I had split up with my boyfriend. I was very tired and very sad. How had things come to this – single and childless at 42 when I’d wanted to be a mother all of my life? I could […]

The Dress

by admin

On Sunday we asked people to share what God was doing in their lives and in particular how he has spoken to them. Here’s a great story which Heather Kerks, who runs our Little Sparks Parent and Baby Group has allowed us to share here…. Ten years ago we went to Rome for our 25th […]

“People Before Programmes”

by Fernley Hext

Commencing our new “Changing Culture” series. Once again we are sharing bullet point notes from our Sunday talk on 15th January. This is the first in our series  where we are looking at what we can learn from Jesus about being Church. We hope to look at six topics in the series. People before Programmes, Compassion before Correction, Direction before Doctrine, Renewal not […]

“Whose life is it anyway”?

by Fernley Hext

Below are the bullet point notes from our talk on Sunday 8th January. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or comments and want to know more. We start with some verses from The Message version of The Bible which speaks to us in modern day, easy to understand language……. “Don’t […]

Looking Ahead

by Fernley Hext

For those of you who weren’t able to get to our New Year Celebration here are the details in note format of what I shared. If you would like to know more then please email me or paste a comment below. A quick re-cap on 2016  Looking back – momentous year in many ways Brexit/Trump […]