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Be Still And Know That I Am God

by Ali Busby

Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10) On Sunday we saw session 5 of the Prayer Course by Pete Greig on Listening to God. We heard how we are designed to walk and talk with God. The bible shows us it’s normal as we see in Exodus 33:11 Moses spoke to God face […]

Welcome to Little Sparks

by admin

Little Sparks is our thriving baby and parent group.  This group started about 2 years ago with just 3 or 4 mums and newborns.  As they’ve left us (some have moved up to our Sparklers group on a Friday) word is out, and more and more are getting to hear about Little Sparks.   It’s […]

Pastor’s Note 15/07/16

by admin

As I write there is news of another terrorist attack in France – this time in Nice. I recently read of a prophecy that had been given in 2015 about a planned terrorist attack in London and people began praying against it. In the Daily Telegraph on 16th November 2015 there was an article which […]

Introducing ‘Sparks’

by admin

You will see from this website we have a section called ‘SPARKS‘. Sparks is the new umbrella name for all our children’s and family activities.  So, we are sticking with Little Sparks and Sparklers for our baby and toddler groups; Kids Church on Sundays will become Sunday Sparks; our current monthly Sunday Sparks community event […]

Cafe Sparks

by admin

Cafe Church is changing!  For two years now once a month we have held Café Church on a Sunday morning at 10am. We’ve provided Croissants, Coffee and Pastries. There have been activities for the children at tables, including Knex, Playdough, Colouring etc. so all the family can sit together and be part of the session. Each month Café Church is […]

Welcome to our new website

by admin

OUR NEW UPDATED WEBSITE GOES LIVE! Finally we are launching our brand new website. It’s taken us a long time – we’ve had some great help and it’s been a steep learning curve for some of us in our church office but we’ve made it at last! We hope you can find your way around […]